Egg Raider

In this platform game you are the easterbunny. Collect eggs for Easter while avoiding chickens, moles and hawks.

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How to play

Egg Raider is a game we made for the Caiman Easter 2006 contest.

You are the easterbunny ! (you: really ?! I am ?) Yes you are, now pay attention !

You are all out of eggs but without them there will be no easter. Don't think you'll get them easily. You may remember eggs come from chickens. Well, you can be sure they're not just gonna give you some. Fight your way through the green fields and hills and get some eggs. Beware of any moles and the ever dangerous hawks. Keep up your health with the carrots you find along the way. Once you get as much eggs as you can, head for the exit and safely back into your underground egg factory and get those eggs painted in the egg machine.


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