Classic bat and ball game featuring 12 types of power-ups/downs. Containing 40 unique maps at 5 levels of difficulty.

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Our site has a new look


It's a new year so I've updated the site with a modern look and feel which should work well on your mobile. Considering the last design has been up since around 2009, it was long overdue. Also helped by the fact PHP 5 is now deprecated by our web host so I had to really :) Most of the screenshots were from the old website and a bit too low res for this one, but when I get some time I'll replace those and maybe add some zoomable ones.

Linux 64-bit version of Nevernoid now available


I've had a request for a 64-bit version of Nevernoid by the Slackware package maintainer. So I fired up the Free Pascal compiler and built one. Can't remember why I disabled the full screen option on the 32-bit option as the time but as it seemed to work for 64-bit, it's back on. Enjoy.

Fixed a map bug in Nevernoid


I was contacted by a player of Nevernoid asking how to complete level 36 "Watch the birdy". Well... eh... it couldn't be completed. The eyes of the bird were surrounded by unbreakable blocks... sorry. You can download a new build or just the map as a data file.

Ghoulies and Crawlies released


Just in time for Halloween!
It's Halloween and you've called at the spookiest house on the street! Ghoulies and crawlies are everywhere but that won't keep you from getting as many sweets as you can.

Bet-5 casino released


Bet-5 is a simple gambling game loosely following rules of Poker and Yathzee. The dealer deals 5 cards each from a deck of 24. Cards have values from 1 to 6 and there are 4 of each. The player has to beat the bank's set of cards to win.

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