Classic bat and ball game featuring 12 types of power-ups/downs. Containing 40 unique maps at 5 levels of difficulty.

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How to play

The game itself hardly needs explanation, but here's some general hints.

There are 12 types of powerups/downs. At some level in the game one or more floaters will enter the game. When hit your ball will instantly change direction. All they do is nag you.

A unique feature is the energy bar. Every time you pick up a powerup (or powerdown) the energy bar charges fully. During play the energy slowly drops and once it's depleted your powers go with it.

There are 40 unique maps with 5 levels of difficulty. After playing all maps on a difficulty levels you will start over at a more difficult level. Even though you can choose a new game at only 5 levels the difficulty will keep increasing during gameplay. That's 200+ levels of fun ! ;)

NeverNoid can be played with a mouse or using the keyboard (which makes it more difficult).


Change log


First release


Fixed a bug that caused the game to skip a map after finishing 3 maps.


Added a highscore list. Scoring system changed.


Fixed a bug in level 36 "Watch the birdy" that prevented it from being completed.