Dodge 'n' Dash

Two thrill seeking sheep take a sports car out for a drive in the country side. Dodge traffic as you try to reach the finish in time.

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How to play

Dodge 'n' Dash is an overhead racing game.

One beautiful day in the Peak District two sheep, Dodge and Dash, were grazing in a meadow. What made Dodge and Dash different from other sheep was that they loved racing cars and dreamed of driving a shiny sports car at top speed. The other sheep laughed at them. Suddenly a car came to a rumbling halt near their meadow.
Out rushed the driver Mr Cool and disappeared behind the nearest tree. This was the chance Dodge and Dash had been waiting for. They ran towards the road as fast as their legs could carry them and jumped over the fence. Dash took the wheel while Dodge buckled up in the passenger seat. Before Mr Cool had time to zip up, Dash already had his foot down on the accelerator. This was their chance to show every sheep in the district what they could do. With screeching tires they disappeared into the distance.
It will only take Mr Cool a few minutes to report the theft of his pride and joy. Can you help Dodge and Dash finish their ride before their time is up?


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