Bet-5 casino

A simple casino card game loosely based on Poker and Yathzee.

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How to play

Bet-5 is a simple gambling game loosely following rules of Poker and Yathzee. The dealer deals 5 cards each from a deck of 24. Cards have values from 1 to 6 and there are 4 of each. The player has to beat the bank's set of cards to win. Card sets are as follows in order of value:

Straight: Values in order (1-5 or 2-6)
Four of a kind: 4 same values
Full house: 3 same values and another 2 same values
Three of a kind: 3 same values
Double pair: 2 sets of same values
Pair: 1 set of same values

The player is allowed 1 draw by selecting any unwanted cards up to a maximum of 3. During selection the player can increase the bet up to 5 if he/she thinks chances of winning are high. After a draw, selected cards will be replaced by new cards from the deck. The dealer will do the same after which the best set will win. If both player and dealer have a similar set, the turn will end in a draw, causing the bet to return to the player.

The game will end if the player has cleared out the bank or if the player is out of money.


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